Vegas Bachelorette Party Bus Rentals Looking for an amazing experience with minimal stress? Look no further! This is the best way a Vegas Bachelorette Party and Vegas Bachelorette Party Bus Rentals should be done. Just allow us to help you plan the perfect Bachelorette party, with the best Bachelorette party bus in Vegas.  Talk to one of our bachelorette party specialist, and let us know what you would like to do and we will put a package together for you and your party. We know what makes a bachelorette party fun.

Vegas Bachelorette Party Bus Rentals


  • Party Bus pick up
  • One hour minimum
  • Up to 26 people
  • Dancing pole
  • Bluetooth, MP3, DVD and CD player
  • Club lighting
  • Wet bar
  • Sound system
Total: $155 A Hour

We also can provide extended times and party bus rental at a discounted rate. Our packages and buses are all-inclusive. All party bus rentals and packages are on a first come first service basis.

We have everything you could want for a perfect Vegas bachelorette party bus rental. We offer private pole dancing classes, with just you and your friends learning some new moves before the evening begins. Then choose options with dinners, and show tickets, or maybe strip clubs are more your thing. We also have nightclubs, day clubs and of course the best transportation to get you to and from all your destinations. There’s even a stripper pole in the party bus so you can show off those new skills you learned at the pole dancing class. Blue tooth connectivity lets you DJ the music to your liking, so you can always dance the night away. Let one of our specialist help plan your perfect bachelorette party with the best bachelorette transportation, by giving us a call today. 1-888-903-9889